Statement for Meeting with Heads of Agencies/High level representatives, 13.6.2017

Statement for Meeting with Heads of Agencies/High level representatives, 13.6.2017

Heads of Agencies (or agencies with HTA responsibility), from Countries included in EUnetHTA Executive Board (morning session)

On June 13, 2017, in a meeting facilitated by the EUnetHTA Directorate and supported by DG SANTE, Heads of HTA Agencies from Countries represented in EUnetHTA JA3 Executive Board came together to discuss opportunities of closer collaboration in HTA in Europe. Based on the successful implementation of two previous Joint Actions, the current JA3 is tasked to lead its members into a new phase of HTA cooperation within Europe.

The high level participation and the constructive exchanges at the meeting, showed the interest and commitment of Heads of HTA Agencies to build on the achievements so far and further improve the cooperation in view of post 2020 scenario. The importance of ensuring high quality and timely joint outputs were referred to as essential elements for the EU cooperation in the current and future scenario. The need to enable sufficient time for any permanent cooperation to build its capacity, an permanent supporting Secretariat were also underlined. Examples on how Agencies have benefited from joint output were shared and discussed.

Participants welcome the opportunity to exchange views on the topics, between HTA bodies and with the European Commission and aim at strengthening their cooperation to:

– ensure that EUnetHTA outputs can better support national/regional HTA activities;

– providing further suggestions on activities of HTA process(es) that can particularly benefit from strengthened coordination, in post 2020 scenario;

– aim at a sustainable and efficient model that strengthens and supports Agencies in their activities both at national/regional and European/International level.

It was agreed that regular meetings of this type would be useful to align the activities of the Heads of the HTA Bodies for the better use of their results.

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