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At the request of the EUnetHTA Executive Board, a cross-work package (WP) task group on the involvement of Patients & Consumers (P&C) and Health Care Providers (HCP) was established in Fall 2017. The task group includes representatives from the Secretariat, Dissemination, Joint Production and Evidence Generation. The task group is operational in nature and the scope is involvement of P&C/HCP at the project level.

As a result of this collaboration, the document on “Patient Input in Relative Effectiveness Assessments” is now published and available for access. The document describes the process regarding direct patient input in REAs within JA3, and is primarily intended for those who design and conduct EUnetHTA Relative Effectiveness Assesments (also called Joint and Collaborative Assessments). It may also be informative for a wider audience of patients, health care professionals, payers, and industry stakeholders.​

The document is available here: Patient Input in Relative Effectiveness Assessments

EUnetHTA uses a dedicated form to collect patient input for the assessments. This form is a modified version of the “Patient Group Submission Template for HTA of Health Interventions”, which was developed by HTAi. The template has been adapted to meet the needs of EUnetHTA Relative Effectiveness Assessments. The “EUnetHTA Patient Input Template” seeks to collect the views and experiences of patients and carers/care-givers to understand patients’ unique perspective on the disease/condition of the health intervention which is being assessed. The form is used in the open calls for patient input where patients organisations are asked to respond. The form may also be used by assessment teams as a starting point for one-on-one conversations and group discussions.

The form is available here (English): EUnetHTA Patient Input Template

Please access all EU official language versions (except Gaelige / Irish Gaelic) here:

EUnetHTA Patient Input Template – All EU languages

In addition, a Flyer for Patients has been created to help healthcare professionals and organisations introduce EUnetHTA to patients and outline how they can get involved by submitting their own input. The flyer is available here: EUnetHTA Flyer for Patients

For further information enquiries, please contact

Calls for Patient Group Input for Assessments


Meeting/Event Date Location Minutes/Materials
Patient and Consumer Involvement in EUnetHTA JA3 Meeting 26/1/18 Brussels, Belgium MINUTES
Patient and Consumer Involvement in EUnetHTA JA3 Meeting 8/3/17 Amsterdam, Netherlands MINUTES

HTA Network Stakeholder Pool - P & C

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