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Get Involved

How can a researcher participate in EUnetHTA?

EUnetHTA is a network of the organisations that produce or contribute to HTA. Currently it works within the framework of the EUnetHTA 21 (2021-2023).

If you are a staff member of the EUnetHTA Partner – contact your organisation’s EUnetHTA representative to discuss how you can contribute to the EUnetHTA 21 activities where your organisation participates. You will be given access to the EUnetHTA Intranet with a range of networking and methodological resources to expand your professional HTA network in Europe.

If you are a staff member the organisation that does not participate in EUnetHTA and you see value for your organisation to be involved in EUnetHTA – discuss internally if your organisation would find it valuable to become a EUnetHTA member.

Join the HTA in Europe LinkedIn professional networking group. Participate in the EUnetHTA public consultations on draft documents of output produced by EUnetHTA 21.

How can an organisation become a Partner of EUnetHTA 21?

For details on becoming a EUnetHTA 21 Stakeholder, please follow this link.

How to participate in Public Consultations?

Public Consultations are held regularly as a form of soliciting public input on the draft documents produced by EUnetHTA 21.

EUnetHTA 21 Stakeholder Organisation mailing list

As we enter a new contractual setting and in order to comply with GDPR rules, we will soon no longer be permitted to use the EUnetHTA JA3 stakeholder mailing list.

We must therefore create a new EUnetHTA 21 General Stakeholder Mailing List. 

Communications using this mailing list may relate to:

  • Event and meeting invitations for activities that the Secretariat at ZIN organises.
  • Invitations to participate in public or specific stakeholder consultations.
  • General information-sharing and information requests.
  • Invitations to join specific expert databases. 

If you would like to be on our mailing list, we kindly request that you complete this online form. By completing the form, you agree to the Secretariat storing your contact information and using it to contact you. 

We will evaluate the mailing list on a re-occurring basis, providing you with the opportunity to sign up at a later stage. In case of any questions please contact us directly via

For all updated information relating to EUnetHTA 21 events please go to the Events page.

Please note. Unfortunately, due to the type of communications which may be disseminated, only stakeholders based in EU/EEA countries are eligible to be part of the new mailing list. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.