OTCA25 Final Report and related documents now available

OTCA25 Final Report and related documents now available

The final report for the Relative Effectiveness Assessment OTCA 25 “Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) for the treatment of lung, prostate and liver cancer”, is now available for access.

The aim of this HTA was to assess if the use of SBRT is more effective and safer compared to radiotherapy (RT), surgery, or surgery and conventional RT in adult patients divided into six subgroups or populations: patients with localised primary cancers (stage I or II) in (i) bronchus and lung (non-small cell lung cancer), (ii) prostate or (iii) liver, or those patients with tumours with oligometastases (stage IV) including at least one to (iv) bronchus and lung, (v) prostate or (vi) liver.

This HTA provides information on direct comparisons assessed by randomized controlled trials or nonrandomized comparative studies, considering both their effects and information on quality of the related evidence.

Please access all documentation for OTCA25 at the following links:

OTCA25 Final Report

OTCA25 Comments from External Experts and Manufacturers

OTCA25 Final Project Plan

OTCA25 Comments from External Experts

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