Implementation Support

Implementation Support

To support implementation EUnetHTA:

  • Engages with users of our outputs to support their implementation activities.
  • Gathers feedback to help improve our processes and outputs and to share examples of uptake between partners.
  • Promotes the range of EUnetHTA outputs that are available.


EUnetHTA supports its partners to help them use EUnetHTA outputs in their work and make more efficient use of HTA resources.

Resources and tools available include:

Implementation network

The implementation network helps EUnetHTA build relationships with agencies within its partner countries who use or produce HTA information. Members of the network are:

  • Alerted to EUnetHTA activities starting and outputs publishing.
  • Alerted to consultations on EUnetHTA outputs.
  • Invited to provide formal feedback to EUnetHTA.
  • Provided with a contact in EUnetHTA that they can approach with informal comments and issues.


If your agency would like to join the implementation network, please get in touch with the National Implementation lead agency (

Feedback system

Users of EUnetHTA assessments are invited to provide formal quantitative and qualitative feedback about the experience of use. The data are collected through the implementation network and are published in regular implementation reports [link to:].

The feedback system is available to all users of EUnetHTA assessments. Organisations using EUnetHTA assessments who are not part of EUnetHTA can contact the implementation lead organisation ( to gain external access to the survey.

Library of examples

EUnetHTA maintains a library of examples of how its partners are using EUnetHTA outputs in their work. Partners are invited to share their experiences of using EUnetHTA outputs through presentations, case studies and webinars. The library is currently accessible to EUnetHTA partners through the Intranet. Case studies are made publicly available in our implementation reports [link to:].

Adaptation toolkit

The adaptation toolkit [link to:] was developed in EUnetHTA Joint Action 1 and provides a resource to help agencies adapt HTA reports produced by other HTA agencies.

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