Meeting with Heads of Agencies/High-Level Representatives and Heads of European Pharmaceutical Companies

Meeting with Heads of Agencies/High-Level Representatives and Heads of European Pharmaceutical Companies

On 13 June, in a meeting facilitated by the EUnetHTA Directorate and supported by DG SANTE, European stakeholders of Health Technology Assessments (focus pharmaceuticals) came together to discuss important new developments for further cooperation.

The EUnetHTA Directorate and DG SANTE specifically welcomed the participation and strong commitment of high-level representatives of HTA agencies[1] representing the EUnetHTA extended Executive Board[2] as well as Heads of Europe of several EFPIA member companies that actively support EUnetHTA JA3 by considering products to submit for European rapid assessments. Representatives of relevant stakeholders were also invited to join the meeting.

Primary focus was given to “Early Dialogues” and “Joint REA”. The discussion focused on what both sides, HTA Agencies and industry, can contribute to avoid duplication as well as which challenges would need to be addressed to facilitate increased submission of dossiers for joint work within EUnetHTA JA3.

On “Early Dialogues”, the EUnetHTA Early Dialogue Working Party was announced. It will, together with the EMA, establish a single European joint scientific advice process involving regulators and HTA bodies.

On “Joint REA”, participants underlined the importance of uptake at the national level, in particular in author countries, and agreed to feedback experiences from ongoing assessments regularly to ensure timely update of EUnetHTA processes.

Moving forward, participants welcome to continue regular interactions at both European and national level and aim at continuing to:

  • Discuss adaptations to processes within national HTA agencies and within companies that are needed to ensure uptake of European reports
  • Ensure the lessons from ongoing EUnetHTA assessments feed into improved European processes moving forward, in particular in light of a post 2020 scenario and a possible Commission initiative
  • Broaden the discussion to all relevant stakeholders to ensure success of European cooperation post-2020
  • The EUnetHTA Directorate, with the support of DG SANTE, invites the participants to a follow up meeting in 2018. A first interaction at the technical level to prepare for the high-level follow-up meeting is scheduled before the end of 2017.

    [1] Or agencies for HTA responsibilities

    [2] The meeting was open to agencies of countries represented in EUnetHTA Executive Board

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