JA1 Archive (2010 – 2012)

JA1 Archive (2010 – 2012)

General Objectives

The overarching objective of the EUnetHTA Joint Action 1 (JA1) on Health Technology Assessment (HTA) including work on relative effectiveness of pharmaceuticals was to put into practice an effective and sustainable HTA collaboration in Europe that brought added value at the European, national and regional level. The JA brought together HTA agencies and institutional producers of HTA and assessments of pharmaceuticals across Europe. The JA1 facilitated solutions to overcome barriers to collaboration and made it possible to deliver context specific reporting of HTA results.

The strategic objectives of the JA1 were:

-To develop principles, methodological guidance as well as functional online tools and policies for

  • producing, publishing, storing and retrieving structured HTA information and Core HTAs (including a new application of the Core HTA Model structure in screening)
  • improved Relative Effectiveness Assessment (REA) by identifying areas where methodological guidance is needed and by providing it, suggesting ways to integrate REA of pharmaceuticals as a special version of the HTA Core Model
  • structured exchange and storage of information on evidence generation on new technologies (data requirements following HTA, planned, ongoing, or completed data collection, e.g. registries and clinical trials).

-To test and implement

  • a web-based toolkit for structured exchange and storage of information on evidence generation on new technologies
  • application of the Core HTA model in common production of at least 2 Core HTAs
  • a REA of (a group) of pharmaceuticals in line with the core HTA development
  • real life support of information flow on new technologies prompting those where parallel assessments of same technologies are detected and alerting on opportunities for information sharing and closer collaboration (3 specific collaborations on new technologies coordinated)
  • provision of a contemporary information management system which ensures compatibility and interoperability across WPs’ tools to support collaborative HTA work, and ensure rapid dissemination of HTA results within the JA.

See the Technical Annex of the JA1 Grant Agreement with the Commission

EUnetHTA JA1 (2010-2012) Final Technical Report

Work Packages

JA WP1 – Coordination
JA WP2 – Dissemination
JA WP3 – Evaluation
JA WP4 – Core HTA
JA WP5 – Relative Effectiveness Assessment of Pharmaceuticals
JA WP6 – Information Management System
JA WP7 – New Technologies
JA WP8 – Strategy and Business Model Development

Stakeholder Involvement

Please see below the policy and procedures guiding stakeholder involvement activities in the EUnetHTA Joint Action 1. The documents were a result of an extensive development process that were managed by the Executive Committee. It involved consultation with multiple interested parties including a public consultation and several rounds of review by the EUnetHTA Joint Action Plenary Assembly and the Stakeholder Forum.

EUnetHTA JA Stakeholder Involvement Policy

EUnetHTA JA Stakeholder Involvement Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

EUnetHTA JA Expert Involvement Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Deliverables and Other Outputs

  1. An online Tool & Service for producing, publishing, storing and retrieving HTA information and a new application of the HTA Core Model
  2. Two new Core HTAs on topics that are pertinent to several HTA agencies and that can be utilized when producing local HTA reports on the same topics
  3. A common methodology for the relative effectiveness assessment (REA) of pharmaceuticals consisting of a tutorial that describes the fundamental principles of REA and a toolbox that can be used in daily practice for REA in standardized fashion
  4. An operational web-based toolkit including database containing information on evidence generation on new technologies
  5. Quarterly communication protocol for information flow on ongoing/planned national assessments of same technologies
  6. An Information Management System (IMS) and the related documentation, processes and policies
  7. Building on the communication strategy developed during EUnetHTA 2006-08 Project, to develop an elaborated Communication and Dissemination Plan
  8. Development of a stakeholder involvement policy
  9. Development of a collaborative business model for sustainability
  10. A relative effectiveness assessment of a (group of) pharmaceutical(s)
  11. Final Report from the Joint Action including evaluation results
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