HTAi 2019 Annual Meeting – Cologne!

HTAi 2019 Annual Meeting – Cologne!

​This year’s HTAi Annual Meeting will take place from 15 to 19 June in Cologne, Germany. The meeting brings together HTA experts from across the world for five days of discussions, panels, presentations and more.

This year’s theme “HTA beyond 2020: Ready for the New Decade” focusses on what the future development of HTA worldwide looks like as a number of prominent strategies and projects come to an end. EUnetHTA Joint Action 3 is a pivotal part of these discussions and therefore will have an active presence at this year’s event.

Below you can find out more information about the various panels, posters, vignettes, presentations and workshops that EUnetHTA is part of.

If you have any questions about a particular submission, please do not hesitate to contact the Lead Partner directly or the Secretariat at

Oral presentation 
• HAS – PLEG in Europe: from national practices to cross-border collaboration
• LBI-HTA – Project Management In EUnetHTA Non-Pharmaceutical Technologies
• AETS-ISCIII – Stakeholder Involvement In EUnetHTA Relative Effectiveness Assessments
• IQWIG – The EUnetHTA Quality Management System: Development and Evaluation

• NICE – Unified vs. Localized HTA systems: what are the considerations?
• ZIN (WP1) – HTA in Europe Post-2020

• NIPHNO – WS10 Towards Best Practice: Enhancing The Assessment Process of Medical Devices
• NIPHNO – WS19 The GRADE Approach To Evaluating The Certainty Of Evidence Within Health Technology Assessment
• NICE (as participant) – Adaptation of HTA reports: Case studies, tools and contextualization issues

• NICE – The use of EUnetHTA Joint REAs to inform economic evaluation
• LBI-HTA – EUnetHTA Planned And Ongoing Projects Database: Usage And Challenges
• LBI-HTA – Patient Involvement In EUnetHTA Assessments (Non-Pharma Technologies)
• RER – Getting The Best Of 3 Ways-Merging EUnetHTA GRADE And Cochrane Guides
• ZIN (WP4) – How EUnetHTA Joint Assessment can speed up national appraisal process
• IQWIG – The EUnetHTA Companion Guide: A New Repository To Support European HTA

• KCE/NICE – Reuse of the EUnetHTA outputs: A bibliographical analysis
• HAS – EUnetHTA Early Dialogues in Light of Stakeholder Feedback
• HAS – EUnetHTA Early Dialogues for Medical Devices Created with Stakeholders
• NICE/HAS – The Registry Evaluation And Quality Standards Tool (REQueST) for HTA​


EUnetHTA is looking forward to a stimulating event with all our international partners.

See you there!

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