EUnetHTA Collaboration (2009)

EUnetHTA Collaboration (2009)

General Objectives

The EUnetHTA Collaboration was launched in November 2008 in order to continue the work initiated during the EUnetHTA Project 2006-2008. The EUnetHTA Collaboration was funded by the contribution of its participants (i.e. the Founding Partners). In 2009, the EUnetHTA Collaboration was organised into several teams of partners around specific functions where members of each function were assigned according to the individual Founding Partner organisation’s preferences of participation.


Since 2009, the EUnetHTA Collaboration has been operating to implement a permanent collaboration on HTA in Europe. In 2009, the EU Commission Health Programme and EU Member states decided to continue fostering the development of HTA in Europe through funding of the Joint Action on HTA. The EUnetHTA Collaboration took the initiative in developing a proposal for the Joint Action on HTA and since 2010 has been implementing the EUnetHTA Joint Action (2010-2012) and EUnetHTA Joint Action 2 2012-2015 respectively.

The membership of the EUnetHTA Collaboration has since grown to include the organisations nominated by the member states’ ministries of health for participation in the Joint Actions on HTA 2010-2012 and 2012-2015.

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