D6.4 Procedural Guidance JSC


This EUnetHTA 21 deliverable (D6.4) focusses on guidance on the procedure of JSC.

The objectives of this deliverable are to:

  • Review and optimise existing procedural guidance for JSC for all participants, HTABs, HTD, patients and HCP (including both internal procedural guidance as well as guidance for industry, both on parallel JSC with EMA).
  • Update templates related to the procedure of JSC.
  • If necessary, further templates to be developed.
  • Establish checklist for quality assurance in accordance with the Quality Management System.

The public consultation for this specific deliverable is foreseen to take place in the period between 01-08-2023 and 31-08-2023. 

For any questions regarding this deliverable, please contact EUnetHTA21-JSC@g-ba.de

Below you can find the published documentation:

D6.4 Procedural Guidance– Project Plan

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