At a glance: EUnetHTA JA2 Year 1

At a glance: EUnetHTA JA2 Year 1

    With best wishes for a productive and successful 2014, EUnetHTA is happy to share the following brief review of main achievements in the JA2 first year. We hope to see you in Rome on October 30-31 2014 to share the results of Year 2 in person at the EUnetHTA conference HTA 2.0 Europe – Teaming up for Value!
    Scientific Output:
    – First Core HTA completed and second started (WP4):
  • First drafts of the MSPs (Methodological Standard and Procedures) for Core HTAs
    • – 2 rapid Core HTAs (1 –on pharmaceutical, 1 – on other technology) completed, 2 more started (1 in each strand) (WP5):
  • Procedure manuals, templates for assessments and evaluation surveys developed for both strands of rapid pilots
    • – Local (national/regional) HTA report piloting: drafts for procedure (WP4); several countries are planning adaptation of the Core HTAs (WP4/WP5), 1 national report produced based on a rapid Core HTA (WP5)
      – 6 pilot Early Dialogues finalised on medicinal products (WP7, Subgroup 1)
      – Template for a disease specific guideline produced; a concept paper and first draft of the first disease specific guideline (osteoarthritis) is developed (WP7, Subgroup 1)

      – Literature review on the AEG (Additional Evidence Generation) performed (WP7, Subgroup 2)

      – 3 guidelines (economic evaluations, Internal validity of NRS on interventions, Meta-analysis of diagnostic test accuracy studies) are being drafted (WP7, Subgroup 3):
  • Guideline elaboration process, templates for guideline concept and working manual
    • – 1st draft of the submission template for pharmaceuticals developed (WP7, Subgroup 1)
      Scientific Output – EUnetHTA Tools:

      – Second release of EVIDENT Database (WP6)

      – POP Database maintained and developed further (WP6)
      – IMIS (Information Management Infrastructure and Services) development (WP6):
  • E.g. new intranet, public website, re-design of the centralized authentication system, upgrade of EUnetHTA Aggregator, EUnetHTA Toolbar, identification of technical options for e-learning platform, review of evolution needs for the Common Standards, evaluation of interoperability options; various support activities for JA2 operations management, financial/technical reporting; stakeholder involvement supporting tools, etc.
    • – Updated contents and applications of the HTA Core Model® (WP8)
      – Updated Policy and License (commercial license) for the HTA Core Model® (WP8)
      – Upgrading of the HTA Core Model Online Service (WP8):
    • All done with feedback from the ongoing pilots
      • – Development of the tailored trainings and learning material for the EUnetHTA members and stakeholders (WP2)
        External collaborations:
    • EMA-EUnetHTA 3 year Work Plan
    • Framework for collaboration with EFPIA
    • PARENT JA: EUnetHTA has participated in the workshops, reviewed and provided input to their deliverables and provided regular updates on developments
    • 4 FP7 projects: A coordinating meeting was held and contacts were established between relevant EUnetHTA Work Packages and FP7 projects
    • EUPATI: EUnetHTA participates in the Advisory Board
      • New developments:
    • Development and implementation of a synergistic co-existence and cooperation with the HTAN
    • Implementation of a Co-Chair function in the Stakeholder Forum
    • EUnetHTA partners cooperated to form the SEED Consortium
    • Process and procedure for developing EUnetHTA Position
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