Vision, Mission, and Values

Vision, Mission, and Values


EUnetHTA is the preferred facilitator of high-quality HTA collaboration in Europe. HTA agencies consider EUnetHTA an efficient way of collaborating.


The mission of EUnetHTA is to support collaboration between European HTA organisations that brings added value to healthcare systems at the European, national, and regional level.

Through its activities, EUnetHTA:

  • Supports efficient production and use of HTA in countries across Europe
  • Provides an independent and science-based platform for HTA agencies in countries across Europe to exchange and develop HTA information and methodology
  • Provides an access point for communication with stakeholders to promote transparency, objectivity, independence of expertise, fairness of procedure and appropriate stakeholder consultations
  • Develops alliances with contributing fields of research to support a stronger and broader evidence base for HTA while using the best available scientific competence.


  • European Union values for health systems – Universality, access to good quality care, equity, and solidarity
  • Efficiency in HTA production
  • Sustainability of healthcare systems
  • The principle of subsidiarity of the European Union
  • The use of best evidence, common methodological standards, trust and transparency

EUnetHTA recognises the importance of facilitating solutions to overcome barriers caused by language, variations in terminology, and culture.


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